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So, the end of the tedious Photobucket link replacement job is in sight. Just a couple more to go!

Along the way, I came across some more icons and artwork that I hadn't posted to my own LJ yet. They were made last October for the [ profile] sb_fag_ends Halloween Challenge 2016. There's also a playlist. The prompt was "Leader of the Pack".

Art and playlist under the cut. )
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At least one good thing came out of this tedious Photobucket-link-replacing job: I discovered that I had never posted my icon set for last Fall's Seasonal Spuffy to my LJ. So here it is; not my best, but it has a couple of icons I am quite pleased with. The round's theme was Under the Influence, so the icons show various Spuffy interactions while one or both of them were "under the influence".
Icons under the cut )
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... and replacing my image links on my LJ and elsewhere, in reverse chronological order. Hopefully, after the next couple of weeks the ugly Photobucket images of doom will no longer be visible.

Many thanks to [ profile] teragramm, based on whose experiences I've chosen Nickpic as the new home for my images. They seem to have heart for their users, in stark contrast to PB.
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Without any warning, Photobucket has removed third party hosting from their free package. All images linked from Photobucket have been replaced with a dummy image, and the only way to make them visible again is to upgrade to a paid account.

Third party hosting is the only reason I (and I assume most people) had been using Photobucket in the first place. But there's no way I'm going to give in to their blackmail. I'll go look for an alternative instead. (I don't even mind if it's paid, as long as they don't pull any dirty tricks like this and unlike Photobucket, have some actual respect for their users.) And then I'll have to move all my stuff there and relink. Nice job for the summer holidays! NOT.

Clearly it is going to take more than a little while until my icons and artwork will be visible again. This also holds for all the things I've posted to communities such as [ profile] seasonal_spuffy, [ profile] noel_of_spike, [ profile] sb_fag_ends, [ profile] summer_of_giles and [ profile] nekid_spike. Sorry about that.

In the mean time, suggestions for better hosting services are welcome.
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The current round of [ profile] lims_btvs is not over yet (so  don't forget to vote in the final challenge!) but it is over for me. Here are the icons I made for this round, numbered by challenge:

1 2 4 5
Notes and alternatives behind the cut. )
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More icons I've been long overdue in posting; these are from [ profile] tvlims Season 6, Angel.

1. 2. 4. 4a

I didn't get very far in this one.  I wasn't very happy with the main font in my losing icon, but what do you do with only 5 minutes to spare before the deadline? :-)  Many thanks to those who gave feedback; it resulted in the improved version 4a.

Again, feel free to snag (preferably with credit).
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Round 13 has started over at btvs_lims, so sign up while you can!  Sign up link

I've been brave (or stupid) enough to sign up for this new round, even though I'm still having severe time issues. So far I hadn't even managed to post my entries from Round 12 yet, which finished months ago already. So, no time like the present, right?  These are my Round 12 icons, plus alts:Icons under the cut )

TV lims

Dec. 30th, 2016 03:07 am
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Oh no, what did I do? Sign up for [ profile] tvlims' Angel round, that's what!

[ profile] tvlims| Season 6 Sign-ups.

I don't expect to last long, but at least it'll be a good occasion to make myself some AtS icons. (Though I already know I won't have time for this.)
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These are my icons for  [ profile] btvs_lims, Round 11. I managed to scrape by until challenge #8:

#1 #2 #4
#6 #7 #8

Improved versions of icons under the cut )
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Here is a whole bunch of icons that I had not yet posted to my LJ. I made them for the past round of [ profile] seasonal_spuffy, which had as its theme "A New Era". That made me think of the Aquarius song from Hair (This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius), so I decided to make icons for each zodiac sign. Each icon comes in two versions: one with, and one without the zodiac symbol. There are also a few extras.

ETA: I added a few more extras for the Pisces symbol icon, because I've never been happy with that one (the version without symbol is fine).

Taurus Libra Aquarius

Icons under the cut )

Feel free to snag!
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These were my entries for round 10 of  [ profile] lims_btvs:

1 2 3 4

Alternative versions:
Alternative versions under the cut )
Many thanks to whoever nominated icon 4 for the No Rest For The Wicked awards! [ profile] wicked_awards

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BtVS LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing) is open for sign ups, but more participants are still needed to start Round 10. Come join, it looks like it is going to be fun!

You can sign-up here.

I hope we can get started soon!
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This is my final catching up post. My most recent contribution to fandom was the creation of a set of Christmas icons for this year's  [ profile] noel_of_spike. Making them was such a good way to celebrate the start of my holidays!


Here are all the icons, and the Christmas songs that inspired them: )
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This year was the 10th anniversary round of [ profile] seasonal_spuffy (theme: Look Both Ways). I participated in the banner contest with a banner based on Steve Morris' cover of Buffy S10 #12:

Of course, the competition was much too strong for me, with the super-talented [ profile] boiiko as the rightful winner with a truly amazing hand-drawn banner.

For my posting day, I made a set of 12 Spuffy icons inspired by one of the first icon entries from 10 years ago, a great set by [ profile] monanotlisa.

Icons and more below the cut. )
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Some lovely people nominated my work for Round 12 of the No Rest For The Wicked Awards this summer. I was nominated in the following categories:

  • Something to Sing About (Best Icon for AtS, BtVS and Firefly) with my "Real Men Drink Tea" icon from the Giles/tea icon set I made for summer_of_giles

  • Under Your Spell (Best Banner for AtS, BtVS and Firefly) with the banner I made for [ profile] sparrow2000's wonderful story Searching for Jim

  • That Vision Thing (Best Music Video for BtVS and AtS) with my vid Broad Daylight, made for sb_fag_ends

I even won two awards: Real Men Drink Tea got a Judge's Choice, and Broad Daylight won Runner Up for Best BtVS and AtS Music Video.

So here's a belated Big Thank You to my nominators, the [ profile] wicked_awards organisers and the judges!

Award banners under the cut. )
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This is the first of a few catching-up posts with stuff I've made the past year that I have posted elsewhere, but not yet on my own LJ.

These are four Faith icons I made for [ profile] whedon_elite Challenge 123 this summer:
Number four won Best Crop, and the unsurpassed [ profile] red_satin_doll made me a gorgeous banner, yay!

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Recently I participated in my first icon challenge: Challenge 122 "Bright and Shiny" at [ profile] whedon_elite. I was amazed to win a third place with my Spuffy Storyteller icon (#4). Many thanks to everyone who voted for my icons! Here are all my challenge entries:

1 2 3 4

In the icons I used textures from [ profile] colorfilter and [ profile] burnedbreads.

Awards, variants and more behind the cut )
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Today was my posting day at [ profile] summer_of_giles, and my contribution was an icon set dedicated to my favourite Giles pairing: Giles/tea. Here are some teasers; the full set is behind the cut below.
g . g.

This isn't the first time I've made a tribute to this particular pairing. I also made a vidlet about it, back when (SPOILER) Giles died in the Season 8 Buffy comics. (Don't worry, he's alive again, though a bit changed, see icon 18.)  Here's the vid, aptly named TEA. Then, on to the icons!

Full icon set behind the cut )
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I really enjoyed all the entries to Round 18 of [ profile] seasonal_spuffy. In spite of my time limitations, I even managed to make a modest contribution myself: a set of Buffy Season 10 (comics) icons. I'm reposting them here, with a few alternative versions added. Anyone who wants is free to use them.

Original artists: Steve Morris (6/7/18), Megan Levens (2/16), Rebekah Isaacs (all the rest).


Icons behind cut )


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