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Most people wil have seen them already over at [ profile] seasonal_spuffy already, but for completeness' sake I'm posting them to my journal too.

A set of icons plus banner/wallpaper based on one of my old Noel of Spike icons from a couple of years ago:

Banner behind the cut )

And then a short but slow moving vid, thrown together at the very last minute:
Video + note behind the cut )
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Icon and image made for Day 19 of the "A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words" Challenge over at [ profile] nekid_spike.


Full image under the cut )
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So, the end of the tedious Photobucket link replacement job is in sight. Just a couple more to go!

Along the way, I came across some more icons and artwork that I hadn't posted to my own LJ yet. They were made last October for the [ profile] sb_fag_ends Halloween Challenge 2016. There's also a playlist. The prompt was "Leader of the Pack".

Art and playlist under the cut. )
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At least one good thing came out of this tedious Photobucket-link-replacing job: I discovered that I had never posted my icon set for last Fall's Seasonal Spuffy to my LJ. So here it is; not my best, but it has a couple of icons I am quite pleased with. The round's theme was Under the Influence, so the icons show various Spuffy interactions while one or both of them were "under the influence".
Icons under the cut )
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... and replacing my image links on my LJ and elsewhere, in reverse chronological order. Hopefully, after the next couple of weeks the ugly Photobucket images of doom will no longer be visible.

Many thanks to [ profile] teragramm, based on whose experiences I've chosen Nickpic as the new home for my images. They seem to have heart for their users, in stark contrast to PB.
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More votes are urgently needed. Please go vote! The voting deadline has been extended until Saturday.
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Without any warning, Photobucket has removed third party hosting from their free package. All images linked from Photobucket have been replaced with a dummy image, and the only way to make them visible again is to upgrade to a paid account.

Third party hosting is the only reason I (and I assume most people) had been using Photobucket in the first place. But there's no way I'm going to give in to their blackmail. I'll go look for an alternative instead. (I don't even mind if it's paid, as long as they don't pull any dirty tricks like this and unlike Photobucket, have some actual respect for their users.) And then I'll have to move all my stuff there and relink. Nice job for the summer holidays! NOT.

Clearly it is going to take more than a little while until my icons and artwork will be visible again. This also holds for all the things I've posted to communities such as [ profile] seasonal_spuffy, [ profile] noel_of_spike, [ profile] sb_fag_ends, [ profile] summer_of_giles and [ profile] nekid_spike. Sorry about that.

In the mean time, suggestions for better hosting services are welcome.
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The current round of [ profile] lims_btvs is not over yet (so  don't forget to vote in the final challenge!) but it is over for me. Here are the icons I made for this round, numbered by challenge:

1 2 4 5
Notes and alternatives behind the cut. )
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This is an oldie, one of my first vids. Spike's ode to Drusilla!

I've spruced the colours up a bit for the occasion. The original, murkier version is on YouTube.

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New vid! Made for the Spring 2017 round of [ profile] seasonal_spuffy.  It's a comics based one that I tried to turn into a bit more than just a slide show.

Because of copyright reasons, YouTube has blocked the vid in 4 countries (including Germany). If you're in one of these countries, try the version on Vimeo.

Notes and additional credits )
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More icons I've been long overdue in posting; these are from [ profile] tvlims Season 6, Angel.

1. 2. 4. 4a

I didn't get very far in this one.  I wasn't very happy with the main font in my losing icon, but what do you do with only 5 minutes to spare before the deadline? :-)  Many thanks to those who gave feedback; it resulted in the improved version 4a.

Again, feel free to snag (preferably with credit).
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Round 13 has started over at btvs_lims, so sign up while you can!  Sign up link

I've been brave (or stupid) enough to sign up for this new round, even though I'm still having severe time issues. So far I hadn't even managed to post my entries from Round 12 yet, which finished months ago already. So, no time like the present, right?  These are my Round 12 icons, plus alts:Icons under the cut )
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Not much compared to those who have been here for a long time, but still more than I thought!

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Something else that I'm late with posting, is that my vid Giles is So Worried won runner up in the Under My Skin Award category (fan favourite vid) in this year's Headline Awards. Many thanks to all who voted for it!

 photo Headline Awards 2017 Giles So Worried_zpsu6hepe1v.png
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After disappearing off the radar since January, I'm briefly resurfacing to post one of the few things I managed to get done since then.

The following banner was inspired by [ profile] shapinglight's wonderful short fic A Matter of Time, from the last round of [ profile] seasonal_spuffy. Those of you who have read the story can probably imagine why I felt the urge to illustrate it. If you haven't read it, I suggest that you hurry up and remedy that situation right away!

WARNING: The image contains a big SPOILER, so do not click unless you have read the story.



Jan. 8th, 2017 03:39 am
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Thank you very much to the awesome person who nominated my Giles Is So Worried vid for this year's Headline Awards!

Also, many thanks to [ profile] sparrow2000 and [ profile] feliciacraft for reccing "Giles Is So Worried" in the [ profile] buffyversetop5. I'm behind on replying to the new comments this has generated, but I'll get there.

Btw, there's still time to get more Buffyverse Top 5 recs in until January 16th. (And I don't mean that as a suggestion to rec my stuff!) Same goes for Headline Awards nominations, until January 20th.
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2016 is finally over, and it's time to look back at my second full fandom year on LJ. So here is a categorized overview of my vids, icons and other artwork that I posted for the first time on LJ in 2016. Most of it was newly made, but there's also some stuff I made years ago and that was originally posted on BuffyTube.

(TBH, I'm pleasantly  surprised by how much fannish output I managed to produce in 2016, because looking back it seems like I spent 99% of my time working.)

List under the cut )
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I just posted this at [ profile] noel_of_spike, and I'll post it here too. 2016 has not been the best year (though it did have a few good points) and I'm glad to see the last of it. Wishing all my LJ friends a better 2017!

Full image under the cut )

Art by the amazing Franco Urru. (With a little tweak by me.)

TV lims

Dec. 30th, 2016 03:07 am
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Oh no, what did I do? Sign up for [ profile] tvlims' Angel round, that's what!

[ profile] tvlims| Season 6 Sign-ups.

I don't expect to last long, but at least it'll be a good occasion to make myself some AtS icons. (Though I already know I won't have time for this.)
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Yay, today the holidays have begun! Two weeks of (mostly) leasure -- so, so wonderful.

Merry Christmas to all, or if you don't celebrate Christmas, just enjoy the holidays!


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